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Preserving & Empowering the


The most impactful way to preserve the Voice of the Artist™ is to place the power of any artist back where it belongs - in their hands. TILFA proudly presents VOA Live, a non-profit video podcast on a mission to restore, preserve and empower the voice of all artists around the world.  Our purpose is to support and protect the diversity of all artists in front and behind the camera of the film and performing arts industry. Too often we forget the arts are not bound by borders. Artists are students of the world and our craft, despite the disciplinary art, is a reflection of humanity as a whole. "Silence the voice of one artist anywhere, we silence the voice of humanity everywhere," TILFA & VOA Live founder. 

VOA Live is designed to bring global attention to the immense diverse community of artists around the world. Designed to be fully transparent, the voice of each episode will include expert guests skilled on topics to impact change.  We discuss achievements, projects, and goals while bringing awareness to issues and challenges. Our hope is to expose these issues as central concerns around the world despite the location of an artist. Through the transparency of each voice, TILFA aims to be the solution via our global platform as well as start timely important conversations in film communities around the world to initiate the change most desperately desired.

Silence the voice of one artist anywhere, we silence the voice of humanity everywhere.


Founder, TILFA and VOA Live



VOA Live is a non-profit organization apart of The Legacy Enterprise on a mission to preserve the Voice of the Artist in the world.  The Legacy Enterprise is comprised of TILFA, Artiste Pro, The Legacy Award, and the Pangaea Award.  Learn more below.

Presented by TILFA, Inc.




TILFA | The International Legacy Film Academy is the first worldwide film organization to unite the global film industry on one all-inclusive platform as we celebrate and award the best filmmakers in the world through The Legacy Award.  TILFA is on a global mission to

Service Humanity

through the most

powerful art form-film.

TILFA launched VOA Live in October, 2019.  The Legacy Award, the corporation, its founder, members and all participants adhere to the Legacy magna carta: Legacy is not leaving something for people – its leaving something in people in our pursuit to service humanity.

Artiste Pro™ is the world's most robust comprehensive artiste management platform for every performing artist anywhere in the world.  Created to unite all performing artists from every country in the world, Artiste Pro™ executes the mission of TILFA allowing all artists, all performers, all talents to be found on one app.


Be seen. 

Be heard. 

Be found. 

TILFA launched Artiste Pro™ in June 2017.  Our goal is to help each artist to become an artiste by equipping them with tools and resources to succeed with an equal opportunity of exposure and access to the global performing arts stage.



TILFA recognizes the meritorious excellence of distinguished humanitarians that are leaving a lasting legacy in our world today. As we celebrate the courageousness of these momentous philanthropy missions, we exalt the past, present and future work ethics of these revered visionaries that have altered the course of the human race through their ingenuity, prophet thinking and kindness.

Art creates what policy

cannot, a new vision forward. 

TILFA launched the Pangaea Award in July, 2019.  We honor the works of revered living visionaries with an award designed to emulate the legacy they desire to leave behind in our world.


Artiste Pro

Meet The Team

Jean-Que M. Dar

TILFA Founder. Most known for starting an intellectual property prosecution firm in Silicon Beach.

Isaac Swidereski

TILFA Chief Tech Officer.  Most known for starting a well sought after global creative digital agency.  

Michelle Harris

TILFA Director of Communications. Most known for 40+ yrs of expansive global communications portfolio. 

Lloyd Simon

TILFA VP General Counsel.

Known for as one of

the original Founders of MTV.

Daria German

TILFA Executive Director.  

Sunny Vachher

TILFA Executive Director.  Most known for being the Founder of Hollywood Casting and Film and TEDTalks Producer.

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