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A Non-Profit Podcast for Film & Performing Artists




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Voice of the Artist™

VOA Live consists of a series of filmed interviews, where guests discuss everything within their performing arts career to the issues and challenges along the journey. 

Guests include artists of all kind from Oscar- and Emmy-nominated filmmakers, creators and stars from all over the world to industry executives and academia professionals attributing voice to the business side of the industry.   Whether in front or behind the camera, all artists possess the power of authority to cause some form of social impact through their craft.  We explore those voices here.






Award Winning Actress

I was trying to fit in, stifling my voice, stifling who I was, in order to be seen as pretty, in order for people to like me. And then going home, not being able to sleep and having anxiety. I have found that the labeling of me, and having to fit into that box, has cost me a great deal. I’ve had a lot of lost years.

Viola Davis

Whether you’re going to the bank for a loan or going to the local auto shop for an oil change, you should look the part. While it’s nice to think that appearances don’t matter, they usually do.  In the film industry, it is incredibly important.   On this episode, we discuss a topic all are too familiar with - the pressures we put on ourselves or the pressure added by others that is suppressing the voice of artists to look the part


In today's movie business it is an incredible opportunity to see the work, hear the people speak, to be part of the conversation of making a film that has the ability to change lives.  When in the business of making films, we hope to be making content that starts a dialogue and its always best to be comfortable in the skin you are instead of the skin "you think" you will be comfortable in. 

VOA Live is excited to welcome actress Viola Davis on our show You Don't Look the Part.  Davis is an American actress and producer. Having won an Oscar, an Emmy Award, and two Tony Awards, she is the first black actress to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2017. 

Fall  2020






Award-Winning Filmmaker

An Inconvenient

Truth: The Power of Film

Beyond just transporting viewers into new worlds and fantasies, film has the power — perhaps beyond that of any other medium — to shed light on an issue, telling a story and chronicling history.  The power of stories to transport the audience represents a fundamental part of human experience.  An experience — despite race, religion, orientation, or sex — all can relate and feel.  Narrative transportation occurs when an individual experiences the feeling of entering the world evoked by a narrative because of empathy for story characters and the imagination of the story plot.  This is the power of film.  However, how do we service humanity through this tool that effects change?  

On this episode, we address the inconvenient
truth of the power of film.  We could think of no other filmmaker then Jeff Skoll of Participant Media to speak on this topic.  Skoll is a Canadian engineer, internet entrepreneur and film producer. He was the first employee and subsequently the first president of eBay, eventually using the wealth this gave him to become a philanthropist, particularly through the Skoll Foundation, and his media company Participant Media.  Through his media company, he produced An Inconvenient Truth, an Oscar-winning documentary about global warming and climate change to effectuate social change.   

VOA Live is privileged to welcome billionaire, filmmaker, philanthropist and friend, Jeff Skoll to the show.

Fall  2020

We felt what we could do is give an update on what's happened and remind people that there are solutions at hand — a lot of good news.

Jeff Skoll

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